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syosset's Flavors of the Day:

    GLACE (non-fat): Very Vanilla /  Chocolate Moose  

WOW COW (non-fat):Strawberry/Cho.Chip CookieDough

SUGAR FREE (non-fat) :Toasted Coconut/Fudge Brownie

      NON DAIRY(low fat): Vanilla

   ALPHA (low fat)  : Peanut Butter  

It's hard to stay healthy with the fast paced lives we live today. Sometimes it seems the only dining choices are the fast-food artery-cloggers like BK's and McD's, but there is an alternative...

The Healthy Eatery is more than a run of the mill "yogurt shop", it's a pathway to a better life. Its tasty entress are crafted from the freshest fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, squash and zucchini to name a few!
The Healthy Eatery
is a delicious, heart-happy Cafe.

Who said great tasting food has to be bad for you? We create delicious heart-healthy food. We serve a variety of quiche, soups, chilis, spuds, wraps, pasta and rice, chicken filets, robust salads, frozen treats and terrific shakes.

Finding healthy meals while dashing about is kind of a guess game. Obviously, some entrees are leaner than others - but even items you think are healthy may be loaded with fat. That's why at The Healthy Eatery we stopped the guessing game. You have peace of mind knowing whatever you order is nutritious and healthy.

Well, unless it's that delicious veggie burger, here at The Healthy Eatery we serve low calorie foods that are almost lower in price. So come in and visit us.


So come in today and visit us,

your wardrobe will thank you for it.




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